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Horse Post is the free horse classifieds web site that shoppers can trust. Which is the best of both worlds. For advertisers this is great because they don't have to pay very expensive advertising rates. On the other hand, shoppers can inquire with confidence because they know our advertisers have passed the Horse Post registration process. What is our registration process you might ask?

Instant Registration Process

  1. To be "instantly" authorized to post advertisements, we require our advertisers to pass a credit card capture test. Don't worry we don't charge your card any amount of money! Like a hotel we use the credit card information to confirm you are who you say you are. However, unlike a hotel we delete the information as soon as you pass the authorization. All our credit card authorizations go through an industry leading payment processing company ( - click seal) and we accept all major credit cards (including AMEX).
  2. After an advertiser has passed our credit card test we individually screen their account for irregularities.

Manual Registration Process

  1. After you have filled out the registration form one of our support engineers will manually screen your application. The support engineer may follow up with an email or phone call if there are any irregularities.
  2. Turn around on a manual registration process is typically 1 to 2 business days. Once you have passed the manual screen you will be able to start posting advertisements.

Note: While we do not charge your credit card we do have to put a temporary $0.10 (one dime) hold on your card.

Merchant Services

If you are a professional breeder or product merchant and you plan on creating more than three advertisements we do ask for you to purchase a $20 lifetime membership. If you are a non-profit organization please send an email to and we will upgrade your membership for free. Even if our rates change we guarantee that your account will be grandfathered in.

Free E-Mail and Phone Support

If you ever have trouble with managing your advertisements please feel free to contact us either by email or phone.

Unlimited Photos

There is no limit to the number of photos you may add to your advertisement. In addition, we use advanced image processing techniques to maintain best image quality as we scale your images to the appropriate sizes used throughout web site.

Unlimited Videos and YouTube Integration

Horse Post is fully integrated with YouTube which allows you to upload an unlimited number of videos to your horse's profile. If you already have videos uploaded with YouTube it is easy to assign them to your horse's ad. If your video is published on another video sharing site we have a system where you can add the embed script code from that site to your ad.

Real Time Statistics

We track all views of your ad and have a real time reporting tool that shows your ad views over time.

Google Search Integration

Every advertisement is given a unique URL that is submitted to the Google Search Index through Google's Web Master Tools. This will increase your ad's chances of geting found in Google Search!

No time limits

We will run your ad for as long as you like. You may even let your ad remain on our site after your horse or product has sold as a history of your ads.

Full Text Search

All advertisements are indexed in Horse Post's full text search index. Make sure you write good ad descriptions because they will help buyers find you!

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