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American Cream Draft Horse

CrThe American Cream Draft stands between 15 to 17 hands high and weighs up to one ton. Only the cream color is permitted in the breed. Other than the coloration, the American Cream physically resembles other medium-weight draft horses. The head is refined in shape and in proportion to the body, with a short-coupled body, sloping shoulder, and deep girth. Manes and tails are long and flowing. The eye-catching appearance and uniformity of the horses makes them crowd pleasers when they appear in parades and at shows. They usually appear in harness but can also be ridden. The temperament is very docile and willing. There is slight feathering around the fetlocks. American Creams have a body color ranging from almost white to a dark cream, with a white mane and tail. Horses may have white face and leg markings. Due to the action of the champagne gene, most horses are born with brown hooves, pink skin, and blue eyes. The blue eyes eventually become hazel, amber or occasionally green at adulthood. Skin is preferably pink, but at present darker-skinned mares are permissible for breeding as long as they have the rest of the cream characteristics. Horses mature late, at around five years of age. Mares mature at around 16 hands in height, and weigh around 1,600 lbs. Mature height and weight of stallions is around 16.3 hands and 1,800 lbs or more. It is a unique draft breed because of its cream coloring, which is not seen in most other draft horse breeds. Due to its small number of registered animals, the breed has been listed at a "critical" status by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Genetic research, conducted by E. Gus Cothran of the University of Kentucky, has established that the American Cream Draft is not merely a color variant of the Belgian breed, but unique in type as well as color. The color is caused by a dominant gene known as the champagne gene, and it is neither a cremello nor a palomino.ossing Altais with other breeds usually results in larger, stronger horses that still retain the healthiness and easy management of the Altai. In the past, the Altai has been crossed with Lithuanian, Russian, and Soviet Heavy Draft horses to produce a new breed for meat production[1].
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