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Draft Horse

A draft horse (USA), draught horse (UK) or dray horse (from the Anglo-Saxon dragan meaning to draw or haul) is a large horse bred for hard, heavy tasks such as ploughing and farm labour. There are a number of different breeds, with varying characteristics but all share common traits of strength, patience and a docile temperament which made them indispensable to generations of pre-industrial farmers. Draft horses and draft crossbreds are versatile breeds used today for a multitude of purposes, including farming, show, and other recreational uses. They are also commonly used for crossbreeding, especially to light riding breeds such as the Thoroughbred for the purpose of creating sport horses. While most draft horses are used for driving, they can be ridden and some of the lighter draft breeds are capable performers under saddle.
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Ballabeg Bluebelle (and Colt) ( 6 images, 0 videos )
Ballabeg Bluebelle
Ballabeg YD Dandy ( 5 images, 0 videos )
Ballabe YD Dandy
Ballabeg Putnam ( 6 images, 1 videos )
Putnam as Yearling
Ballabeg Sensatie ( 6 images, 0 videos )
Ballabeg Sensatie
Ballabeg Suike ( 5 images, 0 videos )
Ballabeg Suike
Eclipse ( 0 images, 0 videos )
Horizon ( 0 images, 0 videos )

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